might be gettin another truck

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 85burbanator, Dec 27, 2005.

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    im really looking into the 80's chevy longbed truck. has a 4-6 inch lift and 33's. its going to be a daily driver and i know what minor things i need to do to make it more reliable. my question is this, its a half ton with ten bolts but i want to use it to tow my trail rig. it has a 350/700r4/208 and im wondering what i should due to the trans to make it stronger for the towing. cooler, shift kit i i dunno. also the brakes, what can i due to help them with the added stress of towing. come spring time im going to have a 12 bolt out of my wheeler so i might swap that in or is that a waste of time? what can i do to help make this a safe tow vehicle? i know alot of you guys haul your rigs so im just curious what i can do with mine. this isnt my ideal truck but i can make it work for a while.

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