Might build a ATV/utility trailer

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by freeflow, Dec 16, 2006.

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    Well now that i have a atv and all the trails are like 2 hours away i need to build or buy a trailer. I have been just putting it in the bed of the truck but it barely fits and i wanna get a toolbox for the bed, and the atv wont fit with a tool box.

    So im thinking like a 6'6"x12' single axle trailer. They sell them locally for about $1,400.00 and thats with a 1,890 load capacity. But i would like something a lil more beefy than that, so im thinking about building my own. With like a single 5200 or 6000 pound axle.

    What would you all use for the outside rails and crossmembers??? i would like to use like 4" square tube like quarter inch thickness.

    Any suggestions??

    thanks brad
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    heavy ??--why??

    The main idea of a trailer is too carry weight--you want the trailer to be as light as possible to increase its load capacity,so you'd use whatever thickness and size of steel needed to do the job..but not too heavy!

    Most "Utility" trailers are not real heavy gauge tubing,I'd guess 1/8"-3/16" is what most use for square or rectangular tubing..1/4" is pretty heavy,but you wouldn't have to worry about hurting it much...some of the cheesier 200 dollar trailer frames you can buy at Wal-Mart and add plywood for a base ,is only about 12 ga steel!--and they are rated for something like 1500-1800 lbs!.

    What I've seen guys use that works well for a quad, is an old tent trailer--they get them free,I see them on "Craigslist" about 2-3 times a week sometimes here!..you just gut the thing,and use the bottom half as a trailer,you only need to cut the back end down, and hinge it for a tailgate if desired..!(works good for snowmobiles too!)..one guy saved the fiberglass roof from the camper, and made his an enclosed trailer ,to keep salt spray from drowning his Artic-Cat!)..

    ...you can even leave the storage cabinets on it,to carry tools,gas cans,oil,and other trail stuff,and use or sell off the water heater, and water pump,stove,furnace,etc--(or leave them intact if possible, to use for camping!)....best part is the frame and axle are already made ,assembled,and are a proven and rugged design that will carry 2000 lbs in most cases--just look out for rotted frames,but even here in the rust belt I see many given away or sold for junk, just because the canvas is mildew or torn to hell...:crazy:

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