mix and matching a front drive shaft parts to get length

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    Heres what happened I swaped out my NP 205 Transfer case (slip yoke) for a Np 205 (Fixed yoke) Thinking I could just change the front output yokes to match my drive shaft(flat plate style) When I went to change from the u-joint looking yoke to the flat plate yoke I realized that the spline were course on mine and they were fine on the old Transfer case. I have a shorter driveshaft than normal due to the fact of a DANA 60 that is in my truck. Well I compared the CV joints on the drive shafts to see if I could just switch the Flat round plate end of the CV off of my old driveshaft and put on the u-joint style end CV. (hope your not totally lossed). It turns out the u-joint style CV uses outside clips on the U-joints and the Flat plate style CV uses Inside clips on the U-joints. A friend told me that they make U-joints that have inside Clips on one half of the joint and outside clips on the other half. Will this work to convert the CV joint?
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