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CA Moates APU1 with ECM


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Mar 31, 2006
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Knoxville, TN 37922
If you want TBI, this works really well for both real time emulation and/or burning chips along with Tuner Pro software.

I have two ECM's for sale and one programmer. I used one ecm as a spare.

ECM#1: $150
If you have a TBI truck with 1227747 ECM, this ECM will drop in with no changes. The stock socket has been removed and a moates G2 and ZIF socket for 512 memcal is installed so you can Install and remove the chip easily for programming. Chip currently has my custom tune on it for a 5.7 manual trans. I can program any stock tune on it, use my tune, or I can erase it for you if desired.


ECM #2: $100 shipped (used as a spare)
This only has a header connector soldered in and a homebrew G2 adaptor with the appropriate pins solder together. You can swap in a G2 adaptor instead if desired. No soldering required. I will include one 512 memcal along with it that has a stock ASDU bin on it.


Moates APU1: $275 shipped ($329 new)

Use this with tuner pro software to make a custom tune. I'm not an expert in its use, but will be happy to help someone learn if they want.

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