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    More video clips from the mud bog 2 weeks ago. Thanks to our friend Wayne for putting them up.

    Frank and Karen's Jeep, with a newly rebuilt 350 in it. It's always been a fast Jeep, and I rarely see them get stuck.

    Jessica Jack running their Dodge Mud Racer:

    Chevy Luv power... or more like 427 big block power:

    Nissan King Cab... with a SB Chevy 400- last year it had the 427 in it, which got transplanted into the Luv- it actually is faster with the smallblock!

    Byron's Jeep has a souped up 258 inline 6 that will out-accelerate anything I've ever had. But the mud was a bit much for 31" tires. I got to ride with on his first run.

    Marvin's '72 Chevy in 3-wheel drive only:

    And more small block Chevy power:

    View all the vids Wayne has put up from that weekend so far at
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