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    Hey guys,
    I just wanted to share my experience with my sliding window rebuild and Mark with Motor City K5

    After I ordered the kit I quickly realized the rubber in the kit wouldn’t work with my frames. After a quick search in the forums I found another CK5’r had a similar experience. Turns out some of the older slider channels are almost a 1/4” narrower than the newer models. I contacted Mark to explain the situation and he quickly let me know he had this issue once before but hasn’t seen it since. While there currently isn’t a disclaimer on his website that states to measure your channel width before ordering, he will be updating it to avoid further confusion.

    I boxed up the rubbers he sent me and got on the horn with some of the major rubber companies out there, while I was on hold with Steele rubber Mark called me on the other line to tell me he found something that he thought would work from Precision. He had Precision quickly send me out more than enough to do both frames. I was able to use what they sent which was a 3/8” channel flocked rubber and fit pretty darn good (which I couldn’t find searching the internet prior). The only issues I could note when installing the rubber is that the height of the rubber is a little lower than the height of the channel, it tended to roll over in the channel if not put in perfectly straight, and that the corners were a pain in the butt and took several attempts to get right...but it worked and my windows are done.
    I can’t say enough about Mark and his customer service. He was very professional and helpful with all the ins and outs of getting these sliders rebuilt which hopefully I won’t ever have to do again!
    Last thing to note would be that the “kit” does not come with everything you’d need when rebuilding these. I should have torn mine apart first to know what I was dealing with and then would have seen from the picture and description on the website that I would have to re/use and or source out some of the other expendable parts. But all in all his knowledge of rebuilding these and custom service were worth the price of what comes in the kit.
    I don’t normally do reviews but thought this might help someone on the fence about rebuilding their sliders.


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