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    If you are interested in something, let me know and we can work out the price. Pass this along to anyone you think that may be interested in something from the list. I will update the list as I dig through my stuff. Thanks.

    <font color="red"> Shoot me emails on what you are interested in, a lot easier that way. </font>

    Technic 1200's with Stanton AL-1 Trackmaster Needles
    Roland R-70
    Roland R-8
    Alesis DM-5
    Korg EX-8000
    Roland MC-303
    Tascam DA-30Mk II
    Records, about 10-12 crates of mixed music types.
    Alesis Monitor One's (Pair)
    Alesis RA-100
    K5 Vacuum Booster with master cylinder
    1 - 700r4 version 208 crossmember
    2 - sm465 version 205 crossmembers
    1 - th400 version 205 crossmember
    K5 Poly mount kit
    2" body lift pucks
    NP208 - FREE works fine.
    K5 class 3 trailer hitch
    14 bolt full floater 4.56 R&amp;P
    Behringer 2804 mixer
    Kenwood Basic T1 Tuner
    Roland S-550
    Kingston EtherRX KNE12TX/RS HUB
    APC 280
    Sony Cybershot 2.1, 2 batteries and 2 memory cards
    Cisco 2610
    Cisco 1912 ethernet uplink
    Cisco WS-X2922-XL-V

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