my exciting day...(axle swap)

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by broncoman6524, Mar 13, 2007.

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    chuluota Fl
    flame suit on...:D

    ok todays plan...remove 3.08 10b gov-lopck piece-o-chit. replace with open 3.73. 10b.

    OLd out
    new out
    sexy ass just hangin out:haha:
    (felt like puttin the ol mudders on to see how it looks :D ,....verdict? me likee.:D
    ran into some pin bolt thing broke...fix?
    :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: "another one bites the dust"

    fill plug...

    if you cant tell i just cut a buncha sleeves into the top of it and used a chisel to rotate it.
    if anybodys wonderin...swapping in axle is kinda bitch to do alone...:rolleyes:

    ah well. comments? im pretty excited to see how much

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