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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 68MUDSTUD, Jun 15, 2006.

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    im getting a new jeep, its just like my stock one, in my previous posts, but its like a 52, and im currently debating somethings. ok first off, it doesnt have an engine/tranny/tcase, just front and rear ends. the drivers side hub is missing. body is kinda hashed, but i think i can fix her up. its gonna take a little welding and cutting... but anyway, i was wondering what you guys would do,

    Choice number 1... box the original frame, and put some cevy axles under it along with a chevy engine and tranny/tcase,

    Choice number 2... stick the body on a blazer/shortbox frame and running gear.

    Choice number 3... keep her as stock as i can.

    oh yeah, for you Montana boys, this is the first vehicle i have ever bought, im 18 years old, and this jeep doesnt have any title, how in the heck do i get a replacement?

    thanks guys! (and gals)

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