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    ...well i'm looking into getting a more suitable Daily Driver for the family...the two door, regular cab 'Yota on 35s with no a/c just isn't going to cut here is what i'm looking for:

    must have four doors, automatic, a/c & heater, radio, great mechanical/running condition, 4X4, NO FORDS OR CARS, & tho it kills me to say this NO FULL SIZES. with that said, my top two choics are a 95+ Land Rover Discovery II or a 90+ 4Runner, but may even consider a cherokee or anything else that isn't too big for the road so the "wife" can drive it as well. let me know what you have, pics if you have any, and a price. thanks. looking for something in TX or the surrounding states, but could possibly drive for something worthwhile.

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