Need advice for swapping manual to auto trans

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    A little off topic but should still apply to 4wd.

    I purchased an 80 GMC cab and chasis 1 ton dump truck with a 350 / 465 combo with power steering. I'm worried that the guys who will be driving the truck up and down the hills of San Francisco are not going to do well with a manual. I have all the parts as well as the auto trans. to convert to auto, my question is about the steering column. I was just going to do a B&M floor shifter but am thinking maybe I'll try to do the stock column shifter.

    I have a steering column out of an 82 and an 88. It looks like there are a few differences from the 88 to my 80 truck, but the 82 looks like it might fit in. Anyone know if I'll run into any problems with the 82 column? I know there were quite a few changes from 80 to 81, was the column one of them?

    What else will I need to do? Any parts needed to be attached to the frame for the shift linkage?

    Anyone ever do a swap in this direction who can give some hints?

    Anyone have an auto they want to convert to a manual and want to swap parts??


    Eric M.

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