Need Advise on rebuilding front diff

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by airbornesoldier327, May 24, 2005.

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    Well before i bought my 1977 chevy blazer, my buddy the guy that i bought it from, told me that he was driving down the road and it all of a sudden locked up on him and all of a sudden he heard a pop sound. So immedialty he pulled over and checkit out and saw that his front drive shaft had broken at the u-joint, so when he took it home and looked at it he saw that the spider gears had blown up in the diff, he pulled out all the pieces threw the cover back on and pulled the drive shaft off and kept on trucking. Well now im left to fix it and i put the new spider gears in it and to test it out i locked the hubs and turned the yoke on the diff, and it turned but every now and again it would catch and i would back it up adn it would turn freely like it wasnt engaged at all... any ideas?

    well after that i tried to out it into 4 hi and 4 lo to see if it still worked, but every time i tried to put it into 4hi or lo it made this grinding noise which to get it back in gear i had to turn the truck completly off. any ways i nee dto find a web site that shows the inside of the front diff, its a dana 44 so that i can order new bearings they are all shot, it wont even hold fliud now, its leaking from the pinion, but i reaplaced that on my jeep just fine.

    also i was looking at the tech guide on how to install a ARB air lockar nad they said something about measuring something ill look the thread back up and go into it further. appreciate the help.
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