need emissions help for 86 blazer

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by gravdigr, Apr 12, 2004.

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    I finally got a DD only to find out I need a ton of crap to pass the visual emissions inspection here. Luckily the sticker is on the core support and I have the following covered...

    AIR pump
    deceleration valve
    diverter valve
    check valve
    PCV valve
    and the EGR valve

    These ones have me stumped

    EFE/distributer TVS
    EGR/purge TVS

    and in the diagram the carb has 5 ports labeled J,B,L,T,and H. Can those just be broken down to ported and non ported vacuum or will I need to find a factory quadrajet to hook up?

    Thanks for any help...once I have a vehicle I can drive legally on the road my next purchase will be a membership I promise.

    EDIT: The vehicle is a 1986 fullsize blazer 4x4 305/sm465/np208
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    I feel your pain. i have an 86 at home that may have all the emission stuff, it's an auto though. send me a PM or email to remind me to send you the pics.

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    EFE is the valve that is bolted in between the passenger side exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipe. I *believe* it is run by vacuum, so it should have a steel (?) line running down to it. I believe there were a few different ways for it to be controlled though.

    TVS is thermal vacuum switch, or something that means the same thing...basically, operates those devices based on the TVS in the thermostat housing. Purge is for the EVAP cannister, tells it when to release the fumes into the engine. Distributor TVS is probably tied into the ESC system, keeping the timing retarded while the engine is cold.

    Don't know what to tell you on the carb. All those letters are a carb port, so if they look at that, you'd fail if they weren't all hooked up. Would be a pretty intense inspection if so though.

    EGR and timing are both dependent on the way the carb was made, so both are timed, but differently. I wouldn't be surprised if some others were too, but IIRC, those are the only two that are timed. Everything else is pretty much manifold vacuum.

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