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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 6.2 man, Oct 19, 2006.

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    I am wanting to replace my blue carpet again . I bought off LMC and it hasn't held up too well . It is 5 years old and it looks 15 years old and faded in spots ! I havent abused so I am wanting to know whats out there qaulity wise ? How much is yours like factory original ? Also any buddy bought any carpet from GM ??? Thanks !!
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    I am in the process of just finishing mine. I got Lapis Blue from Lower doors, kick panels, and extra 2 yards so I could make the side panels. My vinyl got cut pretty bad to install my speakers and sub.

    The front "mold" is really's a bit oversize to allow for trimming and it went in Very well. The rear wheel wells fit pretty good also. I'm making the side panels out of 1/8" and gluing the carpet on. The hardest part was making the template. I should be finished this weekend. I have to fit a 12" custom box in the drivers rear side just ahead of the tailgate...pretty tight. I'm happy with the quality and thickness. I have the passenger side finished and it turned out pretty trick.

    They sent me the Front with a couple of odd pieces, and then a day or so later I got a Complete front, rear, door panels, kick panels and 2 yards. I now have an extra front I may or may not keep.

    The Lapis blue is a better match than what I had (sorta the stock greenish blue). My 89 is Midnight Blue with a White top.

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