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Discussion in 'The Body Shop' started by Icemanf4i, Feb 9, 2006.

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    I have a 88 k5 that needs the passanger floor replaced directly under the passenger seat . the current floor has stress cracks around the bolt holes and after trying to weld them i just dont trust it . if i get the parts from LMC truck which ones do i need im a bit confused. also is there a way to reinforce the floor so the seat doesnt flex the metal over time and crack again?
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    i'm about to remedy the same by removed that whole seat area and replace it with 1/8 plate steel.... i was just gonna put some 1/8 around each hole area but decided it was just better to do the whole section on both sides... sexier too.. :wink1: shouldn't need backing plates either, just weld a nut/washer setup on the bottom....

    replacement panels will be sketchy as far as covering all 4 holes.. the front pieces suck and will only cover the front 2 holes.. not sure how far forward the back panels go up (i haven't bought those).. not to mention the sheetmetal is cheesier than the factory stuff...

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