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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by FOR MUD, Nov 3, 2006.

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    I'm switching over to propane and need some info on lines . Frist off I'm using a Impco425 mixer with a Impco mod#E vaporizer and a VFF30 fuel lock . All of this is going on mild 350 with 9 to 1 comp . What Dia hose should I be using to go between the vaporizer and the mixer? And what type of hose too?
    I was thinking of using hyd hose to go between the tank and the lock,is this a good idea?[I can make my own hose and for cheap too] Or should I use hose made to be used with propane?Also need a Dia on that hose too.
    Is length going to be a factor too?Especially the one going between the mixer and the Vap. I assume it should be as short as possible ? And the same for the one going between the lock and Vap?
    Thanks any info will help.
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    1" Vapor hose is what you would want from the vaporizer to the mixer. I would get hose specifically for propane, no hydro hose. 3/8" is what I am using from the tank to the lock off valve.
    The length of hose from the tank to the lock off valve, and the hose from the lock off valve to the vaporizer isnt really important. Its liquid propane flowing through those hoses. From the vaporizer to the mixer should be as short as possible, this will help with cold starting. Mounting the vaporizer directly to the carb would be the best thing if there is room. :crewcab: :truck:

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