Need info on NV4500/203/205

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by crawlink5, Sep 11, 2005.

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    I'm putting a 4bt and nv4500 in my 78 blazer. It came with a 203 27 spline.

    I heard that a dodge nv4500 will work better or I have to change the input shaft on a chevy to get it to work.

    The NV4500 may be a 2 wheel drive version (I won't find out til tomorrow). How hard to convert to 4wd? Keep this in mind on the next question.

    So, I need to mount my np203 to it and then mount a 205 to that. The 205 may be a 32 spline if the guy will sell it. If not I'll get what I can.

    Is there any difference about mounting a 203 to a chevy vs a dodge?

    What I'm looking for is info, part numbers, prices and availability so I can order this stuff and get it in ASAP.

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    The ideal NV4500 configuration would be a GM output housing and GM 4wd output shaft. This gives you a 32 spl. output shaft and a round bolt pattern that you can drill into the front face of the 203 so it will all bolt together. If you don't have this output configuration, you'll need to swap the output shaft and adapter housing. Or maybe look for a different trans if the costs add up too much.

    Then you need a 32 spl. input gear for a 203, which we keep on the shelf here, and any GM or Dodge 203 gearbox. You'll re-drill the 203 to bolt to the GM output housing and plug the old holes.

    It sounds like you're lined out on the 205.

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