need some help on suspension setups

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 85mudbogger, Mar 31, 2007.

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    im in need for some suspension tech here, i dont do rocks but may climb some small ones every now and then but i mud drag and sand drag, currently my truck is sittn about 8 inch lift with 38.5 hawgs, im cuttin the two back ones to look like tractor tires so they will have no problems hookin up and diggin, the front two will stay semi bald and backwards, i need to get that 8 inch lift out, its terrible, i need kinda like a drag car sus where the front lifts and the rear squats, i have 52s in the rear and the stock 48s in the front. heres what i have availible.

    i have the stock 52 springs for the rear, i would like the do the shackle flip in the rear but keep it like a 2 inch lift.

    the front i have some ranch 4 inch leafs that are like new and pretty stiff. I know ranchos are horribly stiff but i can take leafs out, would a longer shackle in the rear help with droop or should i just put a 52 up front

    Trimmin the fenders aint a problem, that will help in the rust department:haha:

    has anyone ever made a rear shackle that was adjustable from like stock lift to 4 inch, i have some ideas on this.

    I know i just wrote a book but i just need a direction to be steered in to get on my way and start cuttin and choppin.

    oh this is a 84 gmc longbed also. and the stock steering will stay, i wont be doin much to need a xover. i will go full hydro if that is a need be off an international combine lol.

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