Need Something Shipped? Cross Country Trip NC to CA.

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by 79Stomper, Aug 22, 2004.

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    All right. I am headed to Southern California for a 2 month school. I will be driving and could possibly pick up/deliver parts via the I 40. If you want me to pick them up will have to meet me or live close to the interstate. I am going to be driving the Boss' mini van so items will need to be clean, if you know what I mean. PM me with wants. The rough date of departure is going to be around the 14th of September or earlier and will be in 29 Palms CA around the 20th or so. I am planning on stopping in Harriman TN, Oklahoma City, OK and Tulsa OK for a day each and will be staying with family/friends for the night. Let me know if you need me to haul something.

    The van doesn't have a hitch so can't do a trailer unless you want to put a hitch on it for me. Then I will be game for it.

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