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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by wasted wages, Aug 28, 2006.

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    I am going to BB06,,I have never been to Moab before and am not much of a rock crawler,,and I have some concerns about my rollcage.

    My rig started life as a street/mud truck and slowly evolved to the state it is in today. The truck has a smittybuilt 6 point cage that is bolted to the floor.

    I took the truck off the street a year ago and ditched all the bolt on sheet metal,,doors,,tailgate,,front clip,,narrowed the front cowl support and added
    some tubes to the front end. Narrowed the hood,,no front fenders.

    Now comes the bad part,,,being the bootyfabricater that I am,,,I welded the front tubes (extending from the radiator tube supports back toward the cab )to the front down legs of the bolt-in cage in the cab. I have added two cross bars to the rear of the cage ( horizontalally) and two down tubes to the back of the cage (parallell ) to the smitty's original tubes.

    The cab half of the cage is bolted in and the front half is welded to the frame.

    Is it possible to salvage this cage by plating the attachment points of the bolt in cage and attaching them to the frame from underneath ?

    I'm sure that this whole cage is not worthy of serious play at Moab,,but is OK for the mud running and trails I run down here in Texas.

    So the question is,,,knowing the BB06 is about 5 weeks away what would you do ? Run it as is and stay off the serious stuff,,,,break out the bender and welder and get after it ?
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    Get down to Moab and wheel. Wheel now worry later:D
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    There were more of us without safety tubes last year than with .

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