"New" '82 won't stay running, fuel feed?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by skniper, Dec 8, 2005.

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    May 3, 2005
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    Kinda new here, lurk some and posted a few questions earlier this year about our newly acquired 1982 K5...mostly for use at the huntcamp, if I can ever keep it running.

    I did a lot of work cleaning up the motor, new fluids, battery, etc, etc... I removed the carb and rebuilt it after reading and following along with the Rochester guru's book (forget his name). The truck will run but for only about 45 seconds at a time, regardless if I let it idle or rev the crap out of it. Fuel is being delivered, I removed the fuel line at the carb and watched it pump gas all over the place. It's like the carb will load up with gas then run on that until it dies. The wierd thing is the motor will rev up slightly just before it dies...like clock work everytime. I replaced almost every single vacuum line under the hood with new rubber. The motor was replaced by the previous owner (a friend) with a new GM about 5K miles ago.

    I'm stumped and frustrated and not sure what to do next. It's gotta be something simple, but what? WTF!!??
    One problem is that the truck is six hours away at the camp, so time to tinker on it is limited. Any ideas what I can try on my next trip out there??
    My next option is to tow it home and let someone else work on it (which I am really trying to avoid!).

    ...'preciate any help!
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    Roy WA
    If the only other option is to tow it home, I'd tear into the carb. It could be a needle/seat issue, but that seems a little odd.

    Does sound like fuel, but can you confirm you aren't losing spark?
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    Jul 24, 2003
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    sounds like fuel..

    The speeding up before it stalls is classic "lean surge",just before it runs completely out of gas an engine will speed up for a few seconds..

    Might have a bad fuel pump,a hole in one of the steel lines to the tank--a clogged "sock" filter in the gas tank sending unit/feed pipe,or some other similar problem..could be the carb itself too..checked the fuel pressure and volume??--if gas is getting TO the carb,its probably the carb..or maybe you put the paper gas filter in backwards,that goes behing the big fuel inlet nut??..that'll do it!..:doah: :crazy: ..good luck...

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