New custom built FI 454 for sale

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    This is a custom built Chevy 454 which was pulled from a 85 Suburban. The motor was designed to go into a 4x4, but would be equally good in a street car. It should be cranking out about 450hp.

    The block was hot tanked, magnafluxed, deck and line bore were checked for straightness. The block was bored .30 over. The block is a 2 bolt main, casting #361959, head casting #346238. The heads were completely rebuilt and were machined to fit Comp Cams springs.

    The block was painted with POR engine paint. Color is blue.

    The complete rotating assembly was balanced.

    ARP bolts were used. head bolts, flex plate bolts, oil pump bolt, main journal studs, harmonic balancer bolt, water pump and intake manifold bolts.

    Keith Black Silvo-lite hyper pistons. 9.5 compression ratio is what the motor is at.

    Speed Pro Gapless rings

    Federal Mogul bearings

    Fel-Pro gaskets

    Speed Pro high volume oil pump with corresponding Moroso oil pump pickup to fit 7-quart oil pan

    Moroso steel oil pump shaft

    Moroso windage tray

    Moroso 7 quart oil pan – fits 73-91 Chevy trucks

    Edelbrock high flow aluminum water pump

    New harmonic balancer – stock type balancer

    Complete Comp Cams hydraulic roller cam and kit. (kit includes cam, hydraulic roller lifters, valve springs, valve spring retainers and keepers, double roller timing chain, cam button. Cam specs – duration 270intake, 276exhaust, lift is .510 for both intake and exhaust, LSA of 112 degrees. Comp Cams recommended this cam for the application I was going to run it in.

    Edelbrock Pro –Flo multi-point fuel injection system. Model #3550. This system has it’s own calibration module so you can fine-tune the system with-out a laptop. I have the custom chip burned by Edelbrock that works with the cam that’s in the motor.

    Mallory Unilite distributor, which is a custom set-up to be a plug-n-play with the Edelbrock Pro-Flo injection.

    Moroso Blue Max spark plug wires.

    Headers from a 2 wheel drive Chevy truck. Don’t know the brand. Got them off some junkyard truck. Painted them with POR 20 silver.

    I have receipts for pretty much everything. Some receipts may be missing, as I wasn’t planning on selling the motor. All in all, I have over $5300 invested in this motor, parts and machine work.

    $4200 is a great deal for this motor. New crate 454’s are going for anywhere from $4900 to $5900, that’s just a long block no fuel injection. And I will personally give a 30-day money back guarantee

    I have a pic of the motor, email me at

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