New dodge rear brakes,,,70-80s vintage

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    this is a long shot,,, these have been sitting around my shop for a couple of years collecting before I toss them I thought maybe a ck5er could use them
    I believe they fit 80s vintage dodge d/w 200 and 300 series trucks,vans
    THEY ARE BRAND NEW in the box

    Raybestos Brand
    the brakes a 12" x approximately 3"

    The following is included
    Backing plates.. powdercoated ... 3 7/8 dia hole for the axle tube... bolt holes (4) are on 3 1/2 inch centers

    Raybestos Fleet service shoes model # 314PC
    Raybestos wheel cylinders model # WC17507
    Full brake spring service kits

    I have no use for this stuff...looks like it cost over 150.00

    Ill take 25 plus shipping

    Please PM me

    thanks for looking


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