New guy here with a few pictures of my rigs.

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Kilborg, Aug 22, 2005.

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    Hey guys...been kinda mulling around reading threads for the past few years and i figured i would finally make my first post...

    Anyway, here are my two Gmc's. These are pretty much the trucks of my dreams...Always wanted a 88-2000 Gmc K2500 and a 73-92 Gmc K5 and I finally got both. Had the K2500 for about a year and a half now and just got the K5 last week. The K2500 is down right now (needs a clutch...going southbend, I'm pretty hard on the beast but it loves it)..but it has 33" Tsl's, 350 vortec, nv4500, np241, 14b ff, 9.25 ifs, and a 3" bodylift and hopefully in a few years a dana 60 and some more snap from the good old smallblock.

    Anyway on to a few pics.[​IMG]
    This is what the 97 typically looks like...Does pretty good for a stock truck with open diffs.

    And heres the alot of work to do but it might make a run or two before winter hits.[​IMG] The K5 needs alot of work, been doing cab support and floor work but here are the specs... 4" lift, 400Sbc (edel 750, weiend intake, longtubes), th350, 10 bolts. Also has Hydroboost brakes (work great!) since it was originally a 6.2 diesel. Looks like the 10 bolt rear is probably on its last legs but I plan on (tentatively) upgrading to 404 axles (probably 1 tons though). For 375 bucks, the amount of work it needs isnt so bad...thing runs and drives (albiet poorly).
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    awesome.. k5 looks great... 2 projects is insane..

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