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Discussion in 'The Tool Shed' started by ryoken, Apr 29, 2006.

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    Well, even with ungodly amounts of money into my tools already, I'm finding stuff at the new gig that I'll be needing..

    Few items on the list, including an upgrade to my metric selection... Playing with tons of Yamahas, Yanmars and Manns these days so I need to pick up some euro stuff I'm missing or could use... Need to do some gear wrenchs and 1/2" drive shallows in metric....

    Picked up something yesterday that I've been meaning to get for ages, an actual set of rollpin punches..

    Think I'm also gonna break down and go for one of the Dewault 18v cordless packages.. one of the 5 piece gigs or something... I'd like to be able to put the 5 I'd like together tho.. need to look around.... I'd like the right angle drill, 4 1/2" grinder, sawsall, circular saw and not sure on the other... wish they had a combo charger/radio like the Milwaukee... :thinking:

    I also need to swap all my air fittings over from stubbies to these stupid twistlock jobbies they use with the little posts sticking out the side... :doah: :crazy: :haha:
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    DeWalt jobsite radio/charger

    We tell the DeWalt reps all the time that they'd make a boat-load of $$$ if they started a "Make Your Own Combo" program. We have lots of contractors that want everything but the drill/driver, but won't buy them separately because of the cost. They listen politely, but they never seem to do anything with the idea. I guess the MBA's don't think they'll make enough money on it...
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    beat me to it

    cool thing is the radio will runn of the battt if you need it to
    good to have
  4. K5Kell

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    Could also look into Bosch's similar setup that also runs a CD player in the radio/charger.

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