New line of Differential Covers

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    We finally have the next generation of "Rock Bruiser"tm Differential covers available at a very affordable price to CK5 members.

    Laser cut from 3/16" cold rolled steel

    Easy differential maintenance due to built in drain plug

    No more oily messes when filling due to a top fill plug

    Check oil levels easily with included dipstick

    Built in skid plate negating the need for additional protection

    Extra lubricant capacity without extra depth

    No clearance issues associated with rock rings and other covers

    Ability to overfill the housing to accomandate pinion rotation

    Also comes with new factory style flange bolts

    Limited lifetime warranty

    Made in the USA in Marshall, MO

    Current models available:

    Dana 30, 35, 44, 60, 70
    GM 10, 12, 14 sf, 14 ff
    AMC 20
    Ford 8.8, 10.25 Sterling
    Chrysler 8.25, 9.25

    Pricing for all :eek1: $139.50

    Give us a call 660-831-0101

    dana 44 for ebay.jpg

    dana 44 inside for ebay.jpg

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