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    May 8, 2003
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    Well I just added to my fleet. This time another pickup. My first 3/4 ton and first Gas V8, also First/First Gen.

    71 C20. My Grandfather bought it new way back when there was still a chevy dealership in the small town i grew up in. So im the second owner, well either my dad or me. Grandma hasnt signed the title over yet. Grandpa passed away this spring. And we are buying the truck to keep it in the good shape its in, as of tonight when i put it in our shop, it has 43907 original miles. Eaton rear end too. Camper in the back its a nice camping fishing setup. I think there is a Drey trend with Chevrolet stuff
    My grandpa had:
    71 C20
    68 C10
    two 73 Caprices
    84 Chevy Van
    90 Caprice
    91 Caprice
    All had under 100000
    Dad has:
    97 S10
    91 S10
    (hes working on getting another i think...)
    I have
    96 Blazer
    86 C10
    83 K10
    71 C20, so im workin my way up to 7 like grandpa had. My uncle marv was tellin me I had alot of Grandpa Joe in me seeing as i have so many trucks already and im only 20...that and I enherited the packrat gene
    Anyway here are a couple pics.



    Minimal rust on the body one cab corner it a bid rusted but can be fixed easily. Small amounts of surface rust. The bumpers are rusted. Front will receive a good grinding and be repainted. I think the rear Luverne bumper will either be scraped or im going to have to get some steel plate and replace a few sections of it that are badly rused. On a side note its still got the old Split rims
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    Eagle River, Alaska
    Nice ride! Gotta love a one owner classic. Especially when that one owner is a relative...

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