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    does anyone have any info on this tire? i am intrigued by it's tread pattern but can't find anything on the net about it but this press release. i want to see a 35x12.50 on a truck or some kind of recomendation before i try to buy it. let me know what you think about it.​
    Mickey Thompson® Introduces The Baja ATZ® Radial!

    A New Line of All Terrain Radial Light Truck Tires

    Stow, Ohio - The newest generation and technology in all-terrain tires from Mickey Thompson! The Baja Radial ATZ offers a smooth ride with aggressive looks and functionality. The perfect tire for everyday drivers and weekend off-roaders.

    The Baja ATZ Radial Features:
    • Sizes for most light truck and S.U.V. applications - from the traditional 30x9.50R15LT, all the way up to the giant sized 40x13.50R20LT
    • Variable sized, interlocking tread-lugs for quieter, smoother ride and excellent handling
    • Enhanced Sidebiters® for a more aggressive look in an all terrain and better off-road traction
    • “Stone-Kickers” built in between each shoulder lug to disperse rocks and gravel
    • Newest technology in construction delivers ride, handling, low road noise, and long mileage
    • Siped tread-lugs for excellent all weather driving
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    Not a bad looking tread pattern....

    Press releases by their very nature tend to run-ahead of actual product availability by weeks or sometimes months. I wouldn't be surprised that there's nothing else to read about these tires yet, because they may not even be in production yet, let alone sitting on a retailers shelves.

    As with any "new" product, you can either be the guinea pig and try it first....or wait patiently for a magazine (or CK5) review to decide if it's worth spending your own money on.


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