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Discussion in '1982-Present GM Diesel' started by protechk5, May 5, 2005.

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    Okay I got a few questions here. Alright I got 2 trucks right now, my 90k5 which Im selling, and my dd a 2000 s-10 zr2. I dont want to sell the k5 but i cant really afford to have to trucks right now, and i cant aford to drive the k5 as a DD. So i was thinking of maybe getting a k30 with a diesel. Theres one close by me a 85 k30 4x4 ex military truck with 35,000miles on it, asking $2500 for it. I know my k5 like the back of my hand, so im not worry about fixing it up, but i dont know anything about diesels. If i got this truck it would be my dd and offroad truck. If i got this truck what should i look? What goes bad on the 6.2 and how hard and how much? I want this truck at last a while. What kinda of mileage could i get with 40's and the right gears. Im pretty sure it has the th400 and i would probably would want to swap in a 456 and 205. My s10 is nice but its doesnt get more than like 15 around town, and I cant take it offroading much, it only sits 3 and thats real tight, its just a smaller truck so if i could get a k30 I figure that it would get better gas mileage, i could have a lift and go offroading and its much bigger truck and i would have alot of money left over. So if i could get the k30 and getting it running, i would just sell the s10 also. What do you all think?
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    Typically dumb stuff goes bad on 6.2's. Like glow plugs, lift pumps, harmonic balancers...all pretty easy to check for and not a ton of cash to repair. Starters also get beat up and wear out quick (usually because glow plugs stopped working)

    The balancer is a pretty important one, because when they go bad crank failure isn't very far away.

    That truck will have 4.56's and a rear detroit...basically the identical drivetrain that i have under my K5. It will be exact if you add the SM465/205 and 40's. With that combo i managa a respectable 16.5 mpg on the freeway at 65 mph, and a solid 15 mpg in town.

    I think it's a good plan, and with those gears and a 4 speed I think you'll be pretty happy with the power. I'm happy enough with my 6.2's performance, and tickled with the mileage I get.

    I'd recomend spending some time reading posts in this forum, there is a ton of good info to be had just browsing.


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