Nice 87' K20 in Cranberry, PA

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    It's not mine (but it would have been if it was a stick shift with A/C)

    It's a trade in sitting at;
    Baierl Toyota
    19045 perry Hwy.
    Mars, PA 16046

    right off rt19s in Cranberry

    I'm only posting this up because some of you guys might be looking for a truck like this

    87' K20, reg cab, 8 foot bed, 4x4, FI 350, TH400, NP208
    full float 14 bolt, 10 bolt front, tilt wheel, cruise, Flowmaster single exh.

    This truck has had a frame off restoration, thing must have been taken apart and re painted bolt by bolt

    it is Be-a-utifull!

    there are a couple minor things that need attended too, but as a whole it's perfect ready to tow, haul, drive, whatever

    They started at 8000.00, i told them there was no way i was paying that so unless they got down to around 5500-6000 i was gonna stop wasting their time

    they then said 6500, i told them i still wasn't buying it for that but i would at least look into it now that it was starting to look reasonable :lol

    someone gotta buy this thing
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