no fan clutch..just straight fan on the truck i bought

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 01maroonz71, Jan 27, 2007.

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    well the truck i bought has a few very minor problems and while i was looking at the a/c belt...i noticed there is no fan clutch...just the fan hooked straight to the water this bad??? or good???? it hasn't overheated or anything but we also haven't hit one of those common 100dgree days here in FL. so im a tad worried about it. there is some type of spacer in tehre also keeping the fan away from the motor. on top of that, on the a/c condensor there is a pusher electric fan for when the a/c is turned on...and also a tranny cooler(yeah!) if i install a puller fan on the inside of the raidiator will it crowd it(not enough air flow)????? thanks !!!
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    Look down inside your radiator, kind of get an idea of the condition of the tubes, alot of times (and i have done this too) people will put these direct drive fans on to cure a cooling problem, usually bad raditator, some just do it for another reason, guess they like the extra drag and noise created by them.

    It's not really going to hurt anything except your fuel mileage and maybe alittle performance just a hair due to the extra drag on the motor.

    If you want to switch back to a clutched style fan setup, the clutch is already spaced correctly so you will need to remove the spacer.

    and yes, it might get alittle crowded inside the shroud if you install another electric fan. Should be fine with either a clutched setup OR the direct setup.

    BTW, just looking down the radiator is not a sure way of telling if it's bad or not, just see if there is alot of rust on the tubes you CAN see, you may be able to get an idea as to the condition of the rest.

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