Non-stock roll bar for sale 1st gen

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    I am going to a full cage with seat mounts in the jimmy so I have my old roll bar for sale. Located near Grand Juntion Colorado. $100.00 It was originally in a 1991 Chevy Caprice car. The front hoop legs were straightened and cut to length and new plates welded on. The rear kickers were added onto for length and straightened and new plates welded on. Never been involved in a rollover. Tube appears to be DOM measures between 1 and 7/8" to 2" OD. Plates are 4 inch square. Outside edges of the plates on the front hoop legs measures 71 inches apart. Rear hoop plates are 64" apart. From the front plate to rear plate is 54 and 3/4" Height in center of front hoop is 42 and 1/8", About 39 and 1/4 on side where kicker goes into main hoop. kickers slid in to 2 and 1/4 OD sleeve on front hoop and are bolted.

    To mount I took off rocker cover at back end to get to bolts. It is made so the front hoop sits just behind the front of the bed side and kickers are about 1/2 way between tailgate and rear fenderwell. The kickers go over the top of fenderwells.

    I won't ship but could deliver Grand Junction, Montrose etc. Thanks.
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