nv4500 96-up hydro bearing style.

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    i have a nv4500 from a 96-up 2x4 truck. fixed yoke style. has new frt and rear seal. also pulled cover and looked like new. slight dirty film. rinsed all out and ready for the 4 new qrt of correct oil i have also. needed new 5th/reverse pads on the fork. i will have them soon to install.

    the bad. the back cover had a puncher hole in it. i removed and found no problems. hole was from the outside in. broken part on truck caused it. i had the cover tig welded back closed by a pro.

    also the hydro throout is bad. will need new one.

    i have the bell housing to this tranny. the shifter is in hand also. complet with new rubber isolator kit and bolts.

    pm me and we can talk.

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