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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by dremu, Nov 14, 2005.

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    Putting a set of 56"s in the back of my K5, partially to free up the 52"s for the front, and partially cuz I had them from my 1-ton.

    I note that the spring bolt is not centered, i.e. the springs are offset.

    If I put them short leg forward, the wheelbase looks to be the same. Fine and dandy -- don't need to worry about drive shaft lengthening.

    If I put them long leg forward, it stretches the axle back maybe 3" or so ... I wouldn't mind the increased wheelbase, give me a slightly better exit angle, and as we all know Blazer butts are big (I like big butts and I cannot lie ... but I digress :haha: )

    However, my gas tank would shortly become one with my rear diff, and seeing as the diff cover is Jethro-built, I suspect the gas tank would lose. This is not something I want to happen.

    So... I could move the gas tank up, requiring change my cage, moving seat, cutting up an otherwise perfectly good floor, etc. This would suck. I could go to the 24 gallon tank, but it's just a mite flatter, IIRC, so I don't think this will solve the problem. I could do some crazy custom tank thing, but that sounds like work.

    I think, therefore, an option might be to push the axle back a little bit, say an inch or two, with zero rates. I might spring, as it were, for the ORD's, or I have a buttload of extra leaves and overloads I can cut up and fab my own.

    What I'm not clear on, and what this increasingly long post is supposed to ask, is whether it's worth it. Seems to me like a zero-rate would weaken the springpack-to-axle junction; I supopse the U-bolts carry the majority of the duty, but the spring bolt being in the center just makes sense to me.

    And is another inch or two gonna make a hill of beans of difference in my exit angle?

    Any thoughts, save those involving bobbing the truck, mounting the gas tank to the outside of the cage, or buying a Frrd, are welcome.

    -- A
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    I'm doing basically the same thing. I am not moving the rear axle rearward because of all of the BS that goes with it. 1 inch with a zerorate won't cause too much trouble, but that is as far as I am willing to go. Is the extra 2 or so inches of departure really worth all of the work? That is a question only you can answer. A little more lift will do the same thing.
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    It really comes down to whether it is worth it for you. I will move my rear axle back 6" for the extra wheelbase with larger tires and for the better departure angle. I hate dragging my gastank across obstacles. So in my mind it is worth it to buy an aftermarket fuel cell and mount it in the rear. Is it worth it for you?

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