offroad oil slosh burning off in cylinders?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by vortec, Mar 17, 2007.

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    i'm on my third oil change (1st at install, 2nd at 500 miles, 3rd at 1500 miles) since installing a remanned 350 in my k5. the engine is a basically stock 80-85 model. it runs pretty strong and does not smoke. however, it's consuming way more oil that i expected. i added about 2 quarts for this thousand miles.

    i broke it in like i would a street engine. easy on the throttle, with some highway cruising to seat the rings. after 500 miles, i drove it as usual and started wheeling it. does anyone else have excessive oil consumption from offroading. the new engine hasn't seen much mud action, but it has seen a lot of hill climbs/descents, bouncy terrain and off-camber stuff. i'm thinking the oil is sloshing into the cylinders and getting burned up. the oil pan already has a built-in baffle. one small section of the baffle, about 1"x3", was broken when the old engine spun a bearing and snapped a rod. i had a shop clean and inspect the pan. they said it would still work fine.

    i'll be putting about 150 street miles on it, tonight, but i don't think i can keep it on pavement until the next oil change, to see the difference in consumption. in fact, i know i can't. since i've had it, it's never gone 3000 miles without wheeling.
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    Mine does quite abit of smoking if i wheel it too long in a pretty harsh angle, tilted WAY forward or rearward, i just figured it was oil passing by the rings of a tired 255k mile motor...:p: goes away after awhile though.

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