older k5 tub on a newer chassis??

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by dodgedude99, Jun 26, 2005.

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    as i talked about in a previous post or 2, my step son bought a rusted to hell 90 Jimmy.

    well after hitting the junkyards to find some stuff, i come across this practically rust free 1979 Blazer.

    it has some dents in the quarters, no biggy, and the only rust i seen was a small hole on the top of the bed, thats it.

    tailpan, the part where the cables bolt to the body, all the floors, rockers, etc, etc.

    so my thought is that i could get this thing fairly cheap, and just swap the tubs and not have to piss with patching floors, body mounts, and rockers.

    is this even possible?
    could i swap the vin# to the new body, or would that have to be done on low?
    what about the 90 front end bolting up to the older tub?
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    The tub's will swap without any trouble. Not that it's legal, but to get the '90 VIN on the 79 I'd cut out the section of the firewall/windshield frame from the '90 and graft it onto the 79 tub. A good 4" or so all the way around the VIN would be best. With the dash pad on all they can see is the VIN plate and rivets anyways. The rivets are not generic...they are octagonal and cannot be easily sourced. I highly recomend not drilling the rivets out and re-riveting the VIN plate.

    It would be a lot more legal to just get the 79's title though.

    Regarding the front clip...



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