Ordered NP205 gasket/seal set for $17

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by dyeager535, Dec 15, 2004.

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    K205 is what I ordered.

    Called up Will (ext. 223 if anyone is interested) and he pulled one off the shelf and opened it up.

    Said there were 10 gaskets in it, although not sure if he counted the lip seals for the inputs/outputs or not, but they ARE included.

    Said there were two different adapter gaskets, but both were figure 8 style, so when I get it I'll see if it also includes the round pattern gasket.

    I don't think $17 (on sale from $22 for this month) is a bad deal at all with the lip seals included.

    UPDATED: Well, very stupid of me, I should know better. Didn't ask shipping/handling costs when I ordered. Got the bill yesterday, parts $17, S&H $15. Not quite such a good deal now. Myabe if I bought more stuff at the time, the S&H wouldn't be so bad, but that's gmpartsdirect.com S&H fee-like!
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