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    Started stripping my 74 K20 yesterday--I took off the flatbed and crane,using my modified "swingset" and a boat winch setup..it was quite a workout!...pretty sore now... :crazy:

    I had a 1962 GMC 3/4 ton chassis that was made into a trailer with a 74 fleetside 8' bed dropped on it in the woods next to my shop--I decided 10 years was long enough for it to sit there,it was a collection of misc.parts,tools,and crap covered with a truck cap--spring cleaning time!...

    So I chained it to my truck and yanked it out of the woods--but my 82 K20 and the plow would not turn sharply enough,and I got boxed in!--took me an hour to get the truck out of the space I was trapped in--then I decided to use my Yard-Man riding mower to pull it out the rest of the way--suprisingly it did it with no problem!-

    -I found it hard to believe it was able to pull that much weight( I did get nervous when it popped a few "wheelies!" :blush: )_ also had to use it to pull the 74 backwards since it has no reverse--and pushing it was impossible!--wasn't fun pulling it downhill alone,hoping I didnt get run over by it!--and I was lucky to get it lined up under the "swingset" crane the first shot,so I could put the fleetside bed on it..(sucked trying to steer it with no P/S belt :mad: -all the belts flew off the motor when I started it--plow pump straps rotted off.. :mad: )

    Then I yanked the junk fleetside bed off,after unloading a ton of junk,and the stray cats here had a feild day with the mice that were living in it :crazy: --the damm mice were in my tractors engine too--smelled gross,and I saw blood oozing out of the flywheel shroud.. :frown1: R.I.P. mickey!--now I have to clean the engine out again--last year they ate the spark plug wires off the coil,and it was 75 bucks for another one,and an all day suck job to install.. :angry1: :angry1:

    So I then proceeded to put the flatbed/crane on the 62 chassis--only problem is the frames are slightly different--the 62 had a bracket rivited to the frame ,the 74 just has holes drilled in the frame.and the holes are not in the same spots in the back....and I have to raise the body up higher to miss the tires,due to the 62 having coil spring suspension.( it also has an Eaton FF rear axle with 4.56 gears!--still has a tag on it!).so looks like I'll be fabbing mounting brackets today...or at least drilling holes.

    .I'm tempted to make it a dump body instead of a rigid flatbed--but I need to look at a truck in the boneyard to figure out how to make the "hinge" setup in the back..I have a hydraulic pump unit I could use,only thing I'm lacking is a piston--or I might just make a support on the toungue of the trailer for a hand worm winch I have and make it a crank up dump bed..,or use a single piston up front to "push" it up like a dump trailer... :thinking:

    I put the trashed fleetside bed on the 74 so I can fill it up with more junk before I scrap it...now I still want to pull the 400 small block and the plow frame and NP 205 out of it--but my back is trashed--I'm tempted to just sent it away period--even the flatbed is rustier than I thought,not sure if it was worth all this effort--but I started it,I might as well finish it..

    .I should have snapped some pictures after I took the 74's flatbed off--I could show you guys why you should never live in MA--the frame looks like its been at the bottom of the atlantic ocean!!--I took the crossmember for the spare tire off with my bare hands--just crumbled into dust!--hard to believe it was painted ten years ago,and in excellent shape.. :frown1:

    I'm going to miss this truck!--but its way beyond repair,even if I used the spare frame I have out in the woods,the cab,nose,all the sheet metal is rotted to death,and has more patches than original steel..I made a lot of scrap runs,trips to the dump,and plowed my yard since 1990 with it--it had a 454 in it at first,then I sold it and got the 400 SB...its been pretty reliable and rugged,considering my abuse!...but time has run out now--its only good for parts now--time to go.. :weld: :hack: :grind: :frown1:

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