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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by davek20, May 10, 2005.

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    hey has anyone one seen an outer axle seal that would keep mud and other crud from getting down the tube by the C's? im trying to think up a way to seal to the axle shaft and the id of the tube. Anyone think theres a market for that. im guessing that would save a lot of time for the mud boggers
    tell me what you think - Dave
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    I sold a few guys dodge dana 44 outer axle seals a few times--they fit the housing,but the splines on the axle are bigger than the other end near the seal,so they cut the seal as you install the axle..not good..but they claimed it kept a lot more crud out of the axle tube than just having nothing there at all--one guy tried greasing the axle shaft and pumping the axle tube full of RTV silicone--that worked temporarily too,but not a lasting solution...another guy drilled and tapped his axle tubes and installed grease fittings,and pumped them full of grease!--that worked too I guess,but I wonder how much of the grease got flung onto his brake rotors? :blush:

    I never understood why the have no outer bearing or seal there myself--I'd think it would make the axle shaft less likely to break if it had an outer bearing there--and a sealed bearing would kill 2 birds with one stone too...must b because the axles arent the same O.D. all the way in that prevents that from being a possibility..somtimes,they just dont think when they design some things.. :crazy:

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