Paint is a year away, how do I cover bare spots

Discussion in 'The Body Shop' started by bnc04, Jan 4, 2005.

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    I have an 88 with original paint that is really starting to show it's age. There are a couple areas that are starting to show bare metal and there are some small rust "zits" that are starting to appear. I'd like to sand those out now while they are still surface related and cover them up until I can hopefully get it painted sometime later this year ( 6 months at least). My bodywork experience is zero,, can you guys give me any pointers? Primer with what?? Cover with rattle can?? Thanks in advance
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    just get it to clean metal and rattlecan it... just make sure your using an epoxy primer... if you want to be anal about it, you can get zinc chromate in a rattlecan too.. throw a quick coat of that on and finish off with epoxy.. but its not nescessary with epoxy on top..

    get it to bare metal however you can, 80grit, etc... but before you go to prime it, you should featheredge the paint edges with some 200 to 240 before prime..

    if ya can't find zinc in a rattle, its readily available in marine stores.. Tempo makes some i believe...

    here ya go

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