Part 2, I think I burned up both diff axels !!!

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    Feb 4, 2005
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    Well after a long wait on getting a bulletproof 700R4 built to take
    place of my split turbo 350 that was spilt in half and had 6 hairline cracks,
    I got my new trans put in a few days ago.

    I pulled the covers off both front and rear differentials.
    it was 3/4 full of gear lube:confused: and had no problems:confused: .
    So I have no idea how in the world these things got so hot :confused: .

    I was expecting to see the gears chewed up or burned and dry,
    but they look perfect. I got the trans in, tuned the truck (454)
    took it for a drive, it was perfect. 1st and 2nd hit hard on normal driving.
    you cannot even hear the motor anymore, its so quiet, and I can do 70/80
    mph on the freeway and it ride like a caddy, before it sounded like i was doing
    10.000 RPM on the freeway. ITS AWESOME

    Bad news, only after a day of usage, I busted the spider gear shaft power
    shifting it:eek1: This trans gives me a MASSIVE 2nd gear hit when power shifting.:D . It was allota fun, but time for 411's and some 35's :D

    thanks all for trying to help out:bow:
    I will try to post pics of the trans when I get my AOL back up.

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