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    Hi all,

    I have a 1972 Blazer with a clear title that I bought about 6 months ago to do a full restoration. My job situation has changed (for the better) and I am not able to continue this project for now. Everything is in a warehouse in Del Rio, TX. I am not currently in Del Rio, so I only have the pictures that I have. Also, it will take some time and coordination to get out to Del Rio to arrange shipping or pickup of the parts. This is what I have:

    1972 Blazer tub on a rotisserie- rockers are gone, and a little rust to the bottom of the bedsides, there is a dent to the left bedside. The tub comes with new inner and outer rockers and 4 bedside repair panels that cover the full bedsides. It also needs a few small patches here and there, but the floors are solid with the exception of the last few inches of the bed floor. I also have repair panels to fix that as well. It has an A/C dash. The radio opening unfortunately was hacked on by the previous owner.

    Frame that has been blasted and painted with Eastwood rust inhibiter primer and then covered with Eastwood Chassis black. Looks great. Frame is straight. The crossmembers have not been blasted or painted yet.

    I have both doors with all of the mechanicals still inside. both doors have some rust on lower edges. I also have a tailgate in overall good shape with a little rust on the lower inside edge.

    Doube wall top in good condition. Needs to be refinished and the liftgate has a crack on the inside where the T-handle goes through (I think this is pretty common). Glass is excellent.

    I have all of the running gear including: 350 V8, Turbo 350 tranny, NP205 transfer case, front and rear driveshafts, Dana 44 front, and 12 bolt rear. Both axles are dissasembled. The rear has posi. I also have 4 original leaf springs.

    I also have a couple of extra things such as a 400ci short block, steel heads for the 400, and aluminum intake.

    This is what I don't have:
    Gas tank, bumpers, seats (although I do have the front brackets), console, hood, front fenders (inner or outer), shocks, fuel and brake lines.

    If you need anything that I am not thinking of, let me know and we will work out a price. As for what I do know:

    Tub w/rotisserie and patch panels- $1000 (rotisserie alone cost $600 to build)

    Frame w/ crossmembers-$300

    Small block 350 (probably original engine) - $250

    Double wall top - $250

    Make offers on everything else. EVERYTHING IS DISSASEMBLED. THIS INCLUDES AXLES. KEEP IN MIND IT MAY TAKE A FEW WEEKS BEFORE I CAN MAKE IT OUT TO DEL RIO AND PICK IT ALL UP. I DO HAVE A CONTACT OUT THERE WHO WILL BE WILLING TO HELP IF YOU'D LIKE TO PICK ANYTHING UP, BUT I AM NOT GOING TO MAKE HIM PACK AND SHIP ANYTHING, SO PLEASE BE PATIENT. I have some digital pics on my computer, so if you'd like pictures of anything, I will see what I have. Please email me at or shoot me a PM with pic requests or offers. Thanks.

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