Parting out 74' K20 in Western, PA

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by gonecheenin, Sep 29, 2004.

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    Parting out 74\' K20 in Western, PA

    350ci V-8 from a 74' K20 running a HEI distibutor from a 79' chevy (runs good, and can hear run) -$300.00 obo

    SM465 4speed manual & NP205 t-case (work great)
    - $150.00 obo

    Brand new (only been used for 1000 miles or so) Clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, and flywheel for the above applications $125.00 obo

    4) 36 x 14.50/16.5 Super Swamper radials, with decent tread left, mounted on 16.5x9.75 gray wagon wheels $275.00 obo

    Misc. parts from a complete (but very rusty and dented) 74' K20- inquire & make offer

    -------------What i need----------------
    I am looking for a Ford HP dana 44 from a 77' or older F-100/150 with 4:10 (or so) gears,
    (all i need is from the balljoints in, i plan on hanging GM outers on it, but i would be very happy with a complete one as well)

    4:56 gears for a 14bff

    Np208/Np241 clocking ring

    NP241 IFS drivers side drop GM t-case
    (need slip yoke conversion for above also)

    also need 15" 8 lug wheels,

    15" Super swamper tires (35" or bigger),

    Fuel injected 60 degree V-6 engine, from rear wheel drive camaro/firebird/S-10,
    (i'm swapping this to a Non-FI application so the whole vehicle or the entire system would be needed)
    Also need a 700r4 tranny for a 60 degree GM V-6
    All of the needed parts would be considered for partial or whole payment of the for sale items

    call me if you would prefer
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    Edge of insanity
    Re: Parting out 74\' K20 in Western, PA

    pm'ed you.

  3. Emmettology 101

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    Re: Parting out 74\' K20 in Western, PA

    Bump for ya.

    In you avatar, is that a pic from Hillsville??

    BTW, we just sold an 88 Camaro, complete with running 2.8 and newly rebuilt 700r4 for $500! Could've had ya a good runnign 2.8 and tranny. /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

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