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    Russ, you can move this if you feel it is not appropriate here.
    I could not come up with the previous post on this subject so I started this one. The other post referenced a magazine article where full length sliders were frame mounted on a M1008 without any sheet metal removal. Since I intended to remove the bed and cut the bottom off the cab, I went with cab mounted sliders much like some of you K5ers use.
    The first pic is of the support under the front of the cab. Pics 2 and 3 show the seat belt bolt and the back portion of the cab which has no support similar to the front (like the K5 tubs do). The nut for the seat belt bolt is spot welded to the cab underside and was removed with a 4 1/2" grinder and cut off wheel. The fourth pic shows the cut line which is even with the door sill. The cab corner rust was also removed with this cut. Pic 5 is of the front support trimmed and drilled for two 7/16" bolts. Pic 6 is of the 1/2" bolt that replaces the old seat belt bolt and the additional 7/16" bolt(this one is about 5" inboard on the original hole). Removing the seat belt nut leaves about a 3/4" hole and flat washers were used under both the "new" bolts to spread the load on the inside of the cab floor. Pics 7 and 8 show a slider ready for painting. They are constructed of 2x4x.188 rectangular tubing with the brackets made of 3/8" plate. The ends are cut at 45* and capped. The design is similar to what many of you use on your K5s when you remove the rocker panels. Not shown are some spools made from some left over shock bushings. Washers were welded on the ends of the bushings and the spools were slipped inside the front cab supports (the 7/16" bolts went throught them) to keep the supports from collapsing when the bolts were tightened. The sliders are aslo welded to the door sill lip left by the cutting as well as the "new" cab corner. Welding was difficult due to the thin metal/thick metal, CARC paint, rusty metal, or all of the above. The last photo shows a test on the rocks at Disney, OK prior to our club night run. slider pics
    Some night run pics are here. night run You will have to scroll down a bit to see the pickup doing the waterfall at Disney.


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