pinion bearing advice.

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by blazeonchevy, Jan 18, 2007.

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    anybody have any? im replacing the bearings and seal for the pinion and i was wondering what is going to happen. will i need to set up my gears again? i think i do but im not sure. im too frustrated to think and type right now. because i had the whole axle apart yesterday to replace the wheel bearings+seals. and didnt think that it was be the pinion because of the shape of the wheel bearings. so i put it all back together. and figured out the rest of the problem. so any advice would help. thanks guys.
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    Yep, to some degree you have to set the gears back up. You shouldn't have to change any of the shims (the hardest part of setting up gears) but you will still need to have an inch pound torque wrench and a dial indicator with a magnetic base. Its not too hard to do, just be careful and follow directions. A good wrietup on how to do all of this stuff is on but their site is down right now.

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