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Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by mcne2026, Oct 29, 2006.

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    I have a 1985 M1009 that I want to add a little lift to. Currently running on OLD springs and new 33" tires. Plan to keep the tires for now, but will switch to at least 36" when the run out. So here is my plan.

    1. ORD Steering Box Brace Kit.

    2. ORD Rear Shackle Flip Kit & Super Shackles

    3. ORD UBolt Reversal Kit

    4. Tuff Country 2" Lift Springs (Rear)

    5. Tuff Country 6" HD Lift Springs (Front)

    6. ORD Swaybar Disconnect/Correction Kit

    7. ORD Extended Braided Stainless Brake Lines

    8. Rancho RS9000 Shocks all around

    I will also get a Drop Pitman Arm to correct steering and I think I will need a kit to drop the mounting for the TCase (Correct???)

    The way I figured it, the Rear Shackle Flip gives me 4" of lift and the 2" rear springs brings it up to a total of 6" lift in the rear. Then the 6" springs up front levels it out to 6" all around. I went with the Rancho's because I can adjust the stiffness.

    My goal is to build this up to something that can drive 800+ miles on the highway and hit the trails at my destination. So, onroad safety and comfort are a major concern, but I don't want to limit my offroad ability.

    Did I figure this all out correctly? Does it make sense to you? What would you do different or what am I missing?
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    You are on the right track with most of it.
    I have a comment on your steering setup, with the 6" lift, to get a reliable rig you need cross over steering.
    The droped pitman arm or raised steering arm will not help you that much.
    You will thank me after you try both.
    Do the lift first and drive the truck and notice how the steering feels then go for the cross over, it's night and day.
  3. colbystephens

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    i'd lose the sway bar altogether - don't waste your money on a disco set up. disconnect it, drive it for a while that way and see if you can tell a difference. i ran my blazer w/ a 4" lift w/ the sway bar and when i took it off, i couldn't even tell a difference in handling, except that the ride was more comfortable. also, contact CK5 vendor shane74 about brake lines. i use his product, and it is perfect - they're custom made for your application and significantly cheaper than the ORD product. he took good care of me. otherwise, you're doing good. i would suspect that once you go to 36's, you'll want to go bigger, so maybe consider the option of a dana 60 in the future and don't waste your money on cross over steering for a 1/2 ton front end, but upgrade your axle first and then get the cross over... just a thought.
  4. 88sub4x4

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    looks like a great starting point. I agree with crossover steering being better, but I'd try the pitman arm + steering arm first, and you can always sell them on here later of you go crossover. could even find them used here cheap!
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    Don't forget... Check the frame around the steering box for cracks...if it is cracked, then go for the ORD frame weld-in kit along with that steering brace so you won't have to go back and redo the assembly in the future. I just found out mine is cracked yesterday (while wheeling around in the sand wash from Cochran Road towards Coke Ovens) ....and I just installed the steering brace a month ago.... Mightv'e cracked it when I jumped it that one time.... ahh's a real b**tch to go back and work on it again.... just giving you a heads up what to look for.

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