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    May 27, 2005
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    man i just bought this damn chevy z71 its a 1988. the brakes are way bad!! i rebled the complete system last night. and yes i made sure that the combination valve pen didnt move. (i clamped it>) i dont get it, i can start the truck right step on the brake and it will alter the idle just a little. i bled each tire for about 5-10 min, i pulled out a 16 oz water bottle 2/3 full when i was done, i even bled the valve on the master cyilnder? i am so damn lost i have been plain with this crap for the last week almost. Oh and where should i go for transfer case seals, the bastards at kragen gave me the wrong one last night for the axle shaft.

    jeff if anyone can help me with some info it would be the best birthday present i have recieved yet!!

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