Posting this for Boss(old school CK5'er), a lot of good stuff here.

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    GM Dana 60 front Axle. 4.56 with ARB locker. 1350 Yoke, 35 spline inner/outer axles, Warn 35 Spline Hubs, RockRam Tie Rod, Diff Guard. Parts Mike Crossover Steering Arm. Basically a rebuilt axle with little use. $1700

    **SOLD** Also have the ARB compressor and switches for easy installation. This compressor works perfect.

    36" Flexible Stainless Steel Brake Hose for Dana 60.

    GM 14 Bolt Rear Axle. 4.56 with Detroit Locker. 1410 Yoke. TSM Disc brake Kit. Performance 1.5" Wheel Spacer. Poison spider Diff Guard with 2" HREW tube Axle truss. Inline tube Stainless Steel Brake Lines. Flexible Stainless steel brake lines at the calipers. Mountain Offroad extra long spring perches with multiple position (1" back, stock or 1" forward). $700

    BowTie OD 700R4 Level 2. with 1800 Stall Converter. Handles up to 450 HP.
    Rear Output shaft converted to mate with an NP203 or NP205 Tcase.
    Will include Tranny temp Guage. Sell for $600. Only issue is the rear of tranny where it mounts to Tcase adapter, top corner is cracked a little. I repaired it with JBweld and put a stud through it. I ran it like this for awhile with no issues. I promise you, this will not be a problem, but that is why I'm selling this Tranny for so cheap, b/c of that.

    **SOLD** B&M Mega Shifter for the R4 (will also work for TH350 and 400).

    ORD 203/205 Doubler 2" clock up. 205 was completely rebuilt and was modded for twin stick, for smoother and easier shifting. This makes the whole transfercase setup a tri-stick. The 205 is the HD 1 ton version that was originally mated to a TH400. 32spline Fixed yoke.
    The front flange was modded to fit a Highangle Drive shaft.
    Twin Shifter from ORD and a 3rd shifter from the original NP241.
    I use the twin for the 205 and the 3rd one for the NP203. Works perfect.

    Poly Tranny/Transfercase Mounts Used but in great shape.

    High Angle Driveline Front Crawler C/V Driveshaft with 1350 Ujoint.
    Fully compressed, measures 35 5/8". Fully extended measures 48 5/8".
    Excellent condition, no dings, dents, nothing. Ujoint is in excellent condition.

    **SOLD**High Angle Driveline Rear C/V Driveshaft with 1410 Ujoint.
    Fully compressed, measures 37 1/2" Fully Extended measures 41".
    Excellent condition, no dings, dents, nothing. Ujoint is in excellent condition. Will include the flange to mate with the driveshaft. Flange fits 32 spline output.

    Alcan Custom Front Springs Measures ~49.5" long. Is designed to move front axle 1.5" forward.
    There are 10 thin springs, for super smooth ride and super flex and also allows it to maintain it's spring arch longer than usual.

    Alcan Custom Rear Springs Measures ~59" long. You will have to move your rear spring hanger back a few inches. (not hard to do). Designed to move rear axle back 2".
    same as front, there are 10 thin springs, for super smooth ride and super flex and also allows it to maintain it's spring arch longer than usual.
    I highly recommend some kind of traction bar setup for the rear, to avoid axle wrap, as these springs are very flexy. I have a traction bar setup that you can look at or buy...

    Front ORD Heavy Duty Shackles Used, but in great shape. $45

    4 4.5" ORD Competition Bump Stops
    $80 for all 4

    **SOLD** 5 39.5" TSLs on modified Hummer Beadlocks with Magnesium RunFlats 4 out of 5 tires have about 90% tread left. These tires have very few miles on them as I never run them on the street.
    1 out of 5 tires has never been used, has 100% tread. Hummer wheels were modified by cutting out the original center and welding in a new center at 4.25 offset.
    $1000 for all 5.

    4 35"x12.5x16.5" BFG All Terrains on Chrome wheels.
    Wheels have some rust. 8lug
    2 of 4 are basically bald. 2 of 4 have maybe 40% to 50% tread. Good for spares or road only tires, to save your trail tires from road wear. (that's what I did).
    $125 for all 4.

    AGR Rock Ram Steering kit with Xover steering box.
    Brand new hoses and fittings.
    Brand new Power steering pump (never used, not AGR brand, it's OEM).
    I will include a new Power steering pressure hose as well.

    Crossover Steering Kit for Dana 60 Includes Sky Tapered Arm,
    Rockstomper 1.5" DOM bent Draglink with TRE that are in good shape and 4" drop pitman Arm.

    **SOLD**ORD Steering Box Brace Used but in great shape

    210 Amp Alternator. Only a year old. Works like a champ.

    HellRoaring Dual Battery Isolater with Remote Module Best Dual Battery system out there.

    Yellow Top Optima Battery. Has top and side post 1 year old. You will need to charge it, as I have not ran the truck in a while.

    Tuffy Center Console Great shape

    Front Blue Bucket Seats No Cuts.
    $75 for both

    Rear Blue Bench Seat. No Cuts

    I also have many other parts, as I have haven't gotten around to unbolting them yet and/or taken pics of them yet..
    Some items, stock 350 with TBI.
    Gas tank with new sending unit and High Pressure Fuel pump.
    fairly new Radiator
    and any other miscellaneous items that originally came with an 89K5.

    Shooting for local pickup on the large items.

    I am not the owner of these items, so please Email Boss at if you have any questions or want an item or items. Thanks.
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    I'm interested in the front seats. Are they complete with OE floor brackets/hardware? The driver seat looks pretty dirty, has there been any attempt already to clean it (just curious)?

    Will he ship (I have commercial addy or Forward Air terminal)? Will he accept PayPal?

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    PM sent
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