Power Steering help needed bad

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by BLZN4FN, Feb 3, 2006.

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    Ok guys I need some input on this here is a little background on the K5.
    It's a 1988 K5 with stock power steering pump but the rig has been converted to full hydro Ram,orbital valve ect.....

    So here is the problem I'm having. The original P/S pump was getting noisy due to age.
    So I bought a new pump only. Installed the pump into the original housing due to I have modified the filler neck to hold a little more fluid. When I turn the steering wheel to the left all is ok when I turn to the right the filler neck compresses so much that the hose is almost flat and the P/S pump makes a noise like no fluid.

    I'm thinking all a P/S pump does is pump fluid. Correct?
    Where the pressure line screws into the pump there is the PSI valving. Correct?

    I was thinking about swaping PSI valve assembly's from old pump to new pump
    Does this sound like the correct thing to do?

    The more I think about it all the pumps job is to move fluid and the presssure valves job is to regulate the flow. Then I could be wrong on this.

    And yes the K5 did turn left and right just fine till I replaced the pump.

    Please post any help on this I'm about to throw gas and a match on the rig and roast hotdog and enjoy watching it burn to the ground :eek1:
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    Sounds like could be a plugged return line. The fluid is going out, but with nothing comeing back in the filler neck compresses
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    Make sure you do not have your power hoses connected backwards (i.e. high side connected to low side, and visa versa). Make sure you have bled air out of the system. The pump could be defective as well. Swaping the valving could not hurt, just make sure you get it in correctly with check ball and everything.

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