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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by dremu, Jul 19, 2005.

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    Okay, took the '74 out to BlazerFest for her inaugural wheeling, and she did pretty well for my first build. Bazillion things to do yet (rear locker!) but all in all, I'm quite happy.

    However, the steering is stock, and there are two things I found. One is that it's damn hard to turn sometimes, which I suspect means you will tell me I should go crossover. I'm torn between doing crossover on my current 10-bolt, or waiting until I have the $$ to throw at a D60. (The other problem is that on the 10-bolt I'll be fine with 35"s, but if I go D60 I'll want 37"s :haha: )

    Issue #2 is that the steering stutters and the belt squeaks like a mofo sometimes. It's intermittent, and the fluid level is okay and finally I think the damn thing isn't leaking. Do I just need to bleed the steering better? I suppose I could contemplate one of those high-zoot pumps (AGR, PSC, whatever) but then I start thinking about hydro assist... which really means D60 ...

    dammit, this never ends! 4x4 in uppercase really is $X$! :haha:

    -- A
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    belt loose slipping or worn out, or pulley worn out, or pump going out

    or hose collapsing internally, return one that is

    check all these things, if pulley groove is shiny then put new belt and pulley on

    then see how she does

    your steerign should be really damned easy if all is in good shape working,

    no excuses, same with brakes system

    years of use and age and abuse diminishes brake and steering components jsut liek with engines and trannies and axles and such

    same deal

    hope i helped somehow,

    good luck
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